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Giramondo XS, S and XL: restocked & new releases!

21 November 2018
IG sfeer

Finally - the Giramondos are back in stock!

The Giramondo (Italian for 'Globetrotter') is Gillio's durable leather cover for notebooks. When designing, we tried to capture the authenticity of the vintage leather notebook covers, combined with the pristine Gillio quality you know from our other products. Made with our certified vegetable tanned Tuscan epoca leathers, your Giramondo will last you a lifetime. The durable, detailed stitching and finishings will ensure that your Giramondo will age beautifully when travelling with you wherever you go. All models feature credit cards slots and a full length secretarial pocket on the left, and a smaller secretarial pocket on the right. 

The planner has been restocked in the XS, S and XL size this morning (as always, if you had signed up for the restock notifications you received the email this morning already!) and we are also releasing some new colours and colour combinations!

(272/02) Giramondo XS

Restocked: 770 Epoca Red, 804 Epoca Grey

Released: 771 Epoca Yellow, 776 Epoca Burgundy, 832 Coroco Eye Grey, 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green

(273/02) Giramondo S

Restocked: 770 Epoca Red, 804 Epoca Grey, 822 Epoca Yale Blue, 774 Epoca Gold

Released: 832 Croco Eye Grey, 834 Croco Eye Red, 835 Croco Eye Blue, 805/819 Epoca Purple & Cream, 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green

(274/02) Giramondo XL

Restocked: 771 Epoca Yellow, 774 Epoca Gold, 804 Epoca Grey, 827 Epoca Olive Green, 828 Epoca Royal Blue

Released: 832 Croco Eye Grey, 835 Croco Eye Blue, 775/820 Epoca Black & Acid Green

Be sure to order yours on time to get it before Christmas - and use Buzz shipping to be extra sure!

If you are in the EU: order before December 10th - if you are outside of the EU, order before December 1st!

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