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Medium Compagna XL Sample

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Sorry too late, Medium Compagna XL Sample is temporarily out of stock.

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Model/colors request

    - you will be asked to accept them when purchasing an item from this collection -

    When purchasing an item from the Sample Sale, you accept the following terms and conditions:

    - You receive -40% discount on each item
    - You can not request pictures up front
    - You can choose your ring and pen colour as usual
    - You can send the planner back within 14 days of receiving it, as per our return policy
    - You accept any and all defects which may occur on the planner: defects such as described in the Sample Sale live, or other defects not yet discovered. The defects may occur on the planner already upon arrival of the item, or may manifest in the future. This includes for example leather discolouration, leather peeling, becoming dirty more easily, leather being more fragile or more prone to damage, etc.
    - You accept that these defects do NOT entitle you to claim a warranty return, warranty refund or warranty exchange.
    - Any item purchased from the Sample Sale is NOT covered by Gillio's lifetime warranty.
    - When / if selling these items on in the future, if you choose to do so, you will disclose these flaws and link to the blog article about this exceptional situation, as to not sell any of these items as 'regular' Gillio items.

Gillio is compatible with other brands! Model/colors request
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