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Undyed Bonanza

10 February 2020
  • IG undyed bonanza 1
IG undyed bonanza 1


Did you catch our live on Monday? 

We announced two incredible surprises for this week filled with love!

1. UNDYED BONANZA (regular + PGD)

Yes, finally, another Undyed Epoca restock! As of Tuesday, February 11th at 2PM CET, you can become the proud owner of one (or more!) of these undyed planners:

  • A6 Appunto
  • Slim Appunto
  • Pocket Compagna
  • B6 Appunto - NEW!

All of these models will, at the same time, be released in Premium Good Deals as well! ALl the more chances of getting your dream planner this week. As you know, they sell out super fast, so don't miss out!

Want to read more about this special leather? Please read this article before buying!


This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to one of our discounted planners in a variety of red shades! The following planners will be available for 24 hours only at -20% discount:

  • Mini Mia Cara - Epoca Red (770), Croco Matte Red (460), Croco Shiny Lava Red (430)
  • Pocket Mia Cara - Croco Eye Red (834)
  • Medium Compagna - Croco Matte Red (460), Croco Shiny Lava Red (430)
  • A6 Appunto - Croco Matte Red (460)
  • A5 Appunto - Croco Matte Red (460)
  • Slim Appunto - Croco Matte Red (460), Croco Eye Red (834)
  • B6 Appunto - Croco Matte Red (460), Croco Eye Red (834)
  • Giramondo (regular) - Croco Matte Red (460),

This discount lasts for 24 hours only - so until 1:59 PM on Friday, February 14th. Don't miss the chance to own one of these stunning beauties at an incredible discount!

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