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Gillio Vintage Collection: limited production!

25 February 2019
  • IG vintage 2
IG vintage 2


UPDATE February 27th:
-> Our Vintage Collection is currently sold out completely - thank you for all your orders - we are happy our server did not crash. If you didn't have a chance to buy one, we'll have the last pieces available in our Good Deals Corner soon!

This limited production is a blend of the old and the new: Gillio's current bestseller, the medium Compagna, with the most loved leathers from over 10 years ago!

When visiting the (recently remodeled) artisan workshops in Florence (Firenze) last year, the artisans had found a crate of old Gillio leather left-overs from more than 10 years ago! Lots of scraps of old gold and old dark brown in a huge variety of shades, still smelling heavenly!

The colours were truly incredible, showcasing years of Gillio heritage: super dark dark brown, lighter dark brown, super dark gold, beautiful honey coloured gold... Sometimes, the light shades of dark brown were almost identical to the dark shades of gold - it was hard to distinguish sometimes!

We mixed and matched to create a limited production of one-of-a-kind pieces of 'old leather patchwork' in a light ('Latte'), a medium ('Mokka') and a dark shade ('Espresso').

These planners all come with gold rings and gold poppers, contrast stitching and a delicious 'old leather' smell ;-)

IMPORTANT: all these planners are one-of-a-kind, made of smaller pieces of leather. They are not uniform and are made of different hides mixed together - the different pieces of leather will not always match in colour, the flyleaf can be from a completely different hide, etc.

Please ask for pictures before you buy and expect a gorgous, unique planner made up of different shades of epoca!

These planners will be available on our website as of Tuesday, February 26th at 2PM CET!

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